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Gilbert  Eclipse  Match Netball
Best price from GILBERT Eclipse Match Netball
Gilbert  Eclipse  Match Netball
Match Netball
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The Gilbert Gripsure is an outdoor pro ball and can be used a very high level due to its superior construction delivering excellent levels of grip, du...

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We have an impartial comparison of the range of netballs, clothing and equipment. Finding the best price for you and saving your time looking for all the different sports web sites on the net. With regularly updated prices you can be assured that to get the best price and looking for the widest selection you just need to come to one place. You can also be assured that all our partners are recommended and trusted suppliers of Netball equipment.

Choosing a correct Netball

There are two different sizes of Netballs. Firstly junior for ages between 8 and 10 years is a size 4 ball. These can also be called natta. For ages over 10 the official size netball is a size 5 ball. The weight of a netball is between 400-450grams (14-16 oz). There are various types you can buy to suit your need from training, Match and professional. There are also weighted variations to assist strength training in passing.  is part of acVita Ltd  |  Copyright © 2009-2010 acVita  |  Contact us  |  Privacy Policy  |  Terms and conditions  |  SportNetballBalls.aspx  |