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Asics  Gel-Netburner  11(D) - Kids
Best price from Asics Junior Gel Netburner 11 Netball Shoe
Asics  Gel-Netburner  11(D) - Kids
11(D) - Kids
Best price of £19.95
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The junior Netburner is ideal for young players wanting to improve and have fun. They offer great cushioning and durability on any surface.Rearfoot Ge...

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We provide an impartial comparison of the range of netball shoes, and equipment on the internet. Finding the best price for you saving time looking for all the different netball and sport shoe sites on the net. With regularly updated prices you can be assured that to get the best price and looking for the widest selection you just need to come to one place. You can also be assured that all our partners are recommended and trusted suppliers of Netball shoes and equipment.

Chosing a correct Netball shoe

A sport shoe is not just a sport shoe. There are many factors that you would need to look at before buying a shoe. For Netball you would be looking for court of cross trainer shoes that offer your both side to side support as well as flexibility of movement. These shoes will also need to provide a good level of shock absorbency for the high impact of jumping and a cross tread to aid traction in many directions.

Difference between Running shoes, Netball Shoes and Cross trainers

Running shoes will offer a high impact cushioning to take hours of continuous running, they should also provide flexibility, but will not provide the sideways support nor transverse tread of a specific court or netball shoe. Netball Shoes will provide the support and flexibility that you require for the relatively short duration of a netball match but would not provide adequate support or cushioning for sustained periods of running. Cross trainers may provide a suitable, but not perfect alternative to a specific court shoe, Trying to be a jack of all trades they therefore do not provide a perfect solution but can be useful if you also do many other activities.  is part of acVita Ltd  |  Copyright © 2009-2010 acVita  |  Contact us  |  Privacy Policy  |  Terms and conditions  |  SportNetballShoes.aspx  |